Monday, March 24, 2008

Issue: Bells not working at NCHS

From an email received from a NCHS parent on 3/21/08:

My children tell me that... the "school bells" don't work at N.Central. The teachers have to tell them when to pass classes. Teachers are mis-calculating and causing the children to be late to the next class at which time the children are sent to the "late room". Mr. Quandt told the children this will last until they come back from Spring Break! - Their last day is March 28th. Amazing.

So - children ... can we spell "someone cheated the REAL children" - because they can have a HUGE expensive pool... but no bells to tell them when to go to Math Class?!

And... their parents may not even be able to afford to buy them the essentials that the schools do not provide anymore anyway... because they have to pay for extravagant items that add absolutely nothing to their education!

WHAT is that about???? This has been going on for a few days. So - are they trying to make a statement they need more money? Or... are they just adding fuel to the "no fiscal responsibility fire" ?

What next??? No paper, leaky roofs, and now no school bells. Amazing.

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