Sunday, March 23, 2008

CFE's endorsed candidates: Franklin and Werner

Education in the classroom first, everything else second!

No property tax rate increase, find a way to spend less not tax more!

Reduce long-term debt... it’s the tax you keep on paying
long after those responsible leave office!

Joanna Franklin has 16 children ages 5 to 33 that have attended many Washington Township schools. She also has 7 grandchildren. Joanna is president of her neighborhood association and was elected Secretary of the Crooked Creek Community Council.

As a parent, Joanna Franklin strongly supports “academics first”, but she is also very concerned that many in our community are losing their homes because of high property taxes including the elderly, the young and poor families. Her experience with the bussing of her children convinced her of the value of neighborhood schools. Joanna is a fiscal conservative and wants the maximum amount of money directed to the classroom for education – while keeping costs and taxes under control. Contact Joanna at (317) 479-1036 or at

Jack Werner has been a resident of Washington Township for twenty-eight years and married his wife Elizabeth two years after moving here. In the insurance business since he moved here, Jack operates his own independent practice, JCW Financial Services. He attended Cathedral High School and graduated from Butler University with a BS in Business Administration.
Jack was first elected to the Washington Township Board (Civil) in 1996 and currently is serving in his twelfth year on that Board. He is one of the MSDWT Board’s current appointees to the Washington Township Fire Protection Contribution Fund. He understands governmental budgeting and how expenses can be cut, leading to tax relief. Jack stands for a strong educational system that graduates students who can compete in the outside world, while keeping costs and taxes under control. Contact Jack at (317) 259-7141 or at

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