Friday, May 2, 2008

WHY won't Wanda answer questions about her background?

Several people have called and emailed Wanda Spann Roddy about legitimate questions concerning her background. She refuses to answer, to date. WHY?

Compare the info from the 1991 grant which provided START-UP funds …. For a Teen Parenting Program at NCHS to Wanda’s program which didn’t start until 1997.

From a Health and Hospital Report dated May 7, 1992, the following grant was issued:
Grant # 91-11
Granted to: Washington Township Teen Parenting
Irene Krahulik
6295 N Olney Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Date 3/21/91
Amt $28,359.00
Purpose: Providing start-up funds for one year for a Teen Parenting Program at North Central High School

From the website describing Wanda Spann Roddy:
“Wanda is founder and director of a program for pregnant and parenting teens that operates at several local high schools, including North Central.” Elsewhere she has stated that this program was started in 1997.

1. “Why does Wanda claim to be the FOUNDER of the NCHS program when it is obviously predated by the 1991 NCHS program?”
2. “Did Wanda use the 1991 NCHS program as the basis for her 1997 program?”
3. “If yes, did she give credit to the NCHS program?“
4. “If she used the NCHS program and did not give credit to it, is that plagiarism – or worse?”
5. “Should such a person serve on the WT School Board?”
6. “Is this the type of transparency in government that we must have?”

We need to get more info in order to answer those questions. Wanda should provide a copy of her original program proposal. MSDWT should provide a copy of the original program outline for comparison.

If such information is not forthcoming to clear up these questions, then are MSDWT and Wanda complicit in a cover-up?

Why isn't the School Board investigating this?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

4/22 CFE Forum - UPDATED 4/17/08

The 4/22/08 Citizens For Education Candidates and Property Tax Forum
DATE: TUESDAY, April 22, 2008
TIME: 7 to 9 pm
PLACE: Pleasant View Lutheran Church (NE door)
801 W. 73rd Street Indianapolis, IN

7-8pm SPEAKER: Greg Wright, Washington Township School Board Member
FORUM: Washington Township CFE School Board Candidates
Joanna Franklin and Jack Werner will answer written questions from the audience.

8-9pm SPEAKER: Steve Keltner
Indiana Senate District 30 Republican Candidates
FORUM: Incumbent Teresa Lubbers and Candidate Ken Morgan will answer written questions from the audience
NOTE: Only the Republican Candidates are included in the forum, since the other candidates are running unopposed.

Both program segments will have at least one speaker who will discuss various issues that pertain to Washington Township schools and/or property taxes.

Hosted by Pleasant View Lutheran Church.

The May 6 primary election will determine the fate of the candidates who will be at this forum: in the case of the School Board candidates, the May 6 primary will determine if they are elected. In the case of the Senate District 30 candidates, the May 6 primary will determine which of the two will be the Republican candidate for that seat.

Know the candidates and their positions before you vote on May 6th!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Greenbriar Candidate Forum - additional info

Greenbriar Neighborhood Association Press Release
March 31, 2008
Contact: Darien Tropf, President, Greenbriar Neighborhood Association
317.503.0000 /

Political Candidate Forum
Washington Twp. School Board and
District 30 State Senate seats

8201 Ditch Road
April 29th 7-9pm (doors open at 6:45)
Enter Doors on North Side of Building (left of main entrance)

District 30 Senate Candidates Teresa Lubbers and Ken Morgan are vying for the Republican slot on the ballot in the May primary. The Democratic and Libertarian candidates are unopposed in their parties in the primary, therefore the focus in this forum will be on the two Republican candidates.

The School Board Candidates Tony Dzwonar, Jack Werner, Cheri Harris, Joanna Franklin and Wanda Spann Roddy are up for three seats being vacated this year.

Written questions to be submitted to the moderator before and during the forum. Brief period toward the end for meet and greet with candidates.
Interpreter provided for hearing impaired attendees.

The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend this event which aims to educate both candidates and voters on issues of importance in our communities.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Issue: Bells not working at NCHS

From an email received from a NCHS parent on 3/21/08:

My children tell me that... the "school bells" don't work at N.Central. The teachers have to tell them when to pass classes. Teachers are mis-calculating and causing the children to be late to the next class at which time the children are sent to the "late room". Mr. Quandt told the children this will last until they come back from Spring Break! - Their last day is March 28th. Amazing.

So - children ... can we spell "someone cheated the REAL children" - because they can have a HUGE expensive pool... but no bells to tell them when to go to Math Class?!

And... their parents may not even be able to afford to buy them the essentials that the schools do not provide anymore anyway... because they have to pay for extravagant items that add absolutely nothing to their education!

WHAT is that about???? This has been going on for a few days. So - are they trying to make a statement they need more money? Or... are they just adding fuel to the "no fiscal responsibility fire" ?

What next??? No paper, leaky roofs, and now no school bells. Amazing.

Franklin Township School Board - Mischief afoot?

There is documented proof that "Pepsi money" was taken from school vending machines (except for $2,500 per school) and allegedly misappropriately used by the Franklin Township School Board recently. Some of the documented money went to staff parties, superintendent meetings, etc., but the "worst cut of all" was $1,500 donated to the Parent group to fight a remonstrance!

See a brief story at:

The next Franklin Township School Board Meeting is tonight, Monday, March 24 at 7 pm.
The address is 6141 S. Franklin Rd. in the Franklin Township Education Admin Ctr (named the Carver Center). There is always time for community comment set aside on the agenda.

The April Franklin Township School Board Meeting is the 4th Monday, April 28 at 7 pm, same place.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Election Day Information

Election Day is Tuesday, May 6, 2008. You can vote between the hours of 6 am to 6 pm.

To find out where to vote (your polling place), go to
Currently, the site is down for updating. Check back in mid-April, just enter your street address and information about where you are to vote in the May 6 election.

What can I do to help CFE?


Voting for school board candidates requires special attention to the ballot on Election Day.

The school board is non-partisan, so whether you vote a straight ticket or “scratch”, you still must find the section for the School Board Election, then

  • vote for Franklin in District 1 and
  • vote for Werner in District 3.

Do not vote for a third candidate, even though the ballot says that you may do so.

And tell everyone you know to vote, following the above instructions.


Email CFE at to volunteer for the following:

I would like to support your campaign for better schools and lower taxes.

_____ I would like a yard sign for my home.

_____ I will pass out literature in my neighborhood

_____ I will pass out literature at the polls on Election Day

_____ I will contribute to the CFE website

_____ I will email your information to others who are concerned

_____ Other: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________


Citizens for Education will use your money to buy lawn signs, direct mail and campaign materials to win this election. A donation now can save you thousands of dollars in property taxes later.

I would like to support your campaign for better schools and lower taxes.

Please accept my contribution of
_____$200 or more

Please make your check payable to: Citizens for Education
Mail back to: 1424 Sandi Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46260-2729

Thank you for your support.