Friday, May 2, 2008

WHY won't Wanda answer questions about her background?

Several people have called and emailed Wanda Spann Roddy about legitimate questions concerning her background. She refuses to answer, to date. WHY?

Compare the info from the 1991 grant which provided START-UP funds …. For a Teen Parenting Program at NCHS to Wanda’s program which didn’t start until 1997.

From a Health and Hospital Report dated May 7, 1992, the following grant was issued:
Grant # 91-11
Granted to: Washington Township Teen Parenting
Irene Krahulik
6295 N Olney Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Date 3/21/91
Amt $28,359.00
Purpose: Providing start-up funds for one year for a Teen Parenting Program at North Central High School

From the website describing Wanda Spann Roddy:
“Wanda is founder and director of a program for pregnant and parenting teens that operates at several local high schools, including North Central.” Elsewhere she has stated that this program was started in 1997.

1. “Why does Wanda claim to be the FOUNDER of the NCHS program when it is obviously predated by the 1991 NCHS program?”
2. “Did Wanda use the 1991 NCHS program as the basis for her 1997 program?”
3. “If yes, did she give credit to the NCHS program?“
4. “If she used the NCHS program and did not give credit to it, is that plagiarism – or worse?”
5. “Should such a person serve on the WT School Board?”
6. “Is this the type of transparency in government that we must have?”

We need to get more info in order to answer those questions. Wanda should provide a copy of her original program proposal. MSDWT should provide a copy of the original program outline for comparison.

If such information is not forthcoming to clear up these questions, then are MSDWT and Wanda complicit in a cover-up?

Why isn't the School Board investigating this?

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