Sunday, April 13, 2008

4/22 CFE Forum - UPDATED 4/17/08

The 4/22/08 Citizens For Education Candidates and Property Tax Forum
DATE: TUESDAY, April 22, 2008
TIME: 7 to 9 pm
PLACE: Pleasant View Lutheran Church (NE door)
801 W. 73rd Street Indianapolis, IN

7-8pm SPEAKER: Greg Wright, Washington Township School Board Member
FORUM: Washington Township CFE School Board Candidates
Joanna Franklin and Jack Werner will answer written questions from the audience.

8-9pm SPEAKER: Steve Keltner
Indiana Senate District 30 Republican Candidates
FORUM: Incumbent Teresa Lubbers and Candidate Ken Morgan will answer written questions from the audience
NOTE: Only the Republican Candidates are included in the forum, since the other candidates are running unopposed.

Both program segments will have at least one speaker who will discuss various issues that pertain to Washington Township schools and/or property taxes.

Hosted by Pleasant View Lutheran Church.

The May 6 primary election will determine the fate of the candidates who will be at this forum: in the case of the School Board candidates, the May 6 primary will determine if they are elected. In the case of the Senate District 30 candidates, the May 6 primary will determine which of the two will be the Republican candidate for that seat.

Know the candidates and their positions before you vote on May 6th!

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