Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why the May 6 school board election is important

The May 6th primary is an extremely important election. This is when three Washington Township School Board members are elected this year for four-year terms. (The other two board members are incumbents, elected in 2006 for four year terms.)

You have the opportunity to change the way school tax dollars are spent and control your school property taxes. Remember 45% of your property taxes go to Washington Township Schools. And any budget increase that the School Board votes for will increase YOUR property taxes.

Votes for Joanna Franklin and Jack Werner will assure a majority of fiscal conservatives on the School Board, since one incumbent has consistently voted against tax increases.

Currently, the Administration has proposed -- and the current School Board voted on December 12, 2007 to accept -- a $183 million construction project WHICH WILL RAISE PROPERTY TAXES FOR THE NEXT 25 YEARS! Interesting note: after voting for this project, ALL THREE incumbents on the School Board whose terms end in 2008 have decided NOT to run for reelection in May 2008. This is another example of elected officials voting for projects that burden the taxpayers long after those same officials leave office.

Franklin and Werner have pledged to vote against ANY and EVERY property tax increase. They will redirect more of the school budget into the classroom to benerfit the teachers and the students. They believe in education first, not construction.

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